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Time Trial Reminder for June 16th

Just wanted to remind everyone that we will be holding our third time trial in our 2011 Summer Time Trial series this coming Thursday night at 6:30pm. Last week we had a total of 13 riders participate, so our goal is to have at least 10 more this week.

Can anyone beat the seemingly unbeatable Steve? That is the question! Come out and see if you have the legs to stop him from winning for the third consecutive week!

Also, currently the event is expected to be a go but the weather report is calling for a 60% chance of scattered Thunderstorms. We will ride if the rain has been light or is light, however if it has rained hard alot that day or is raining hard at the start of the time trial the event will be canceled and made up on the last Thursday of the month. We do not want to damage the trail or the riders!

If the event is canceled early in the day an email will be sent out by Secretary Jay Pearce letting everyone know!

Come on out to Brunswick Nature Park and take part, or just come out and cheer the others on! Remember you don’t have to win to receive half of the entry fee money! Its a random raffle! All you have to do is show up and ride!

Hope to see you there,

Austin Fenwick
VP Cape Fear SORBA

June 9th Time Trial Report! Steve does it again!


Racers smile for the camera before the Time Trial begins!

2011 Summer Time Trial Series-Week 2  

Wow, another great event tonight at Brunswick Nature Park.  We had a total of 13 riders, with members from Cape Fear SORBA and the Waccamaw Trailblazers in attendance. I’m also excited to let everyone know that we also had two of our ladies come out and take part as well.  So far we have had a good turnout at each of these events, my goal now is to have at least 15 riders next week, so please come out and take part or cheer on the ones that are.

So who won the Time Trial this week? Well lets take a look shall we!

Steve Mangiacapre-  23:28
Tom Condon – 23:54
Greg Brinson – 24:14
Jere Dearing – 24:32
Bryan Weinkle – 24:38
Armando Sanchez – 25:11
Marshall Brown – 25:15
Spencer Thomasson – 26:33
Jesse Savage – 29:29
Jim Halley – 30:41
Meredith Sullivan – 32:43
John Sledge – 35:30
Kirsten Jones – 36:55

Steve had the fastest time again tonight, with Tom less than 30 seconds behind him, and then Greg was only 20 seconds behind Tom… That’s the top three riders all within 30 seconds of each other… Jesse Savage turned in a time of less than 30 minutes, and that was including blowing out a tire, getting it back on the rim and pumping it back up.

Tonight’s lottery winner was also Steve!  Steve donated his winnings, short his entry fee, back to the club. Thanks buddy!

As you can tell, we are having a lot of fun on Thursday evenings out at Brunswick Nature Park, we hope to see you out there at the next event next week.

Here are a few more pictures to whet your appetite!


Tom Condon just ripping up the trail!
Armando Sanchez!
You spell his name J-e-r-e!
John Sledge at his best!
The ladies were here this week! Meredith is so fast she is almost a blur!
And Kirsten is just having a blast!

Thanks everyone for coming out this week! We hope to see you next week at the Brunswick Nature Park for the June Time Trial Series-Week 3!

Jay Pearce

Secretary, Cape Fear SORBA

Women’s only group rides! Time Trial Reminder!

Hello Cape Fear SORBA! Hope everyone has had a great week so far! We have a couple of events to announce and remind everyone about!

June 9th Time Trial
The 2nd in the CFSORBA Time Trial at the Brunswick Nature Park is set for this Thursday at 6:30 pm! Is there anyone out there that can top Steve’s time from last week of 23:38? Come out and prove who is fast! Remember its only a $5 entry fee and everyone has a chance to win half of all the money raised in a raffle at the end of the day! Its all for fun so come out and show us what you got!

Cape Fear SORBA ladies, this part of the post is just for you. Starting on Tuesday, June 21st we will begin have women’s only group rides! These rides will be scheduled on Tuesday evenings at 6pm. For the time being these rides will be on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month until we see how the rides are attended. If it turns out the rides are well attended and there is a call for more of them, we will get more of them scheduled! These rides are for all ability levels. We want everyone to come out and have a blast and meet the other ladies riding here in the Cape Fear Region! So mark those calenders and show up to ride!

If you have any questions about the Women’s only group rides, please contact SueMay Lewis at

Thanks everyone! Thats all for now! Stay safe and ride lots!

Austin Fenwick
VP Cape Fear SORBA

June 2nd Time Trial Wrap Up!

2011 Summer Time Trial Series

The Summer Time Trial series got off to a great start Thursday evening at Brunswick Nature Park. We had ten riders come out to take part in this event, seven from our local Cape Fear SORBA club and three members traveled up from the Myrtle Beach area’s Waccamaw Trailblazers club. It was an excellent opportunity for members of different clubs to meet face to face, ride together and have some fun.

If you were not able to come out to the first event, we encourage you to come out next Thursday night and take part, or just to cheer on those that are participating.

June 2, 2011 Times:
Steve Mangiacapre 23:38
Greg Brinson 24:11
Tom Condon 24:52
Andy Ickles 25:14
Jere Dearing 25:28
Marshall Brown 25:55
Spencer Thomasson 26:58
Don Brown 27:53
Jim Halley 32:55
Ryan Dennis 45:48

And congratulations to Tom Condon who was the winner of Thursday’s night’s raffle drawing, he went home with $25 extra dollars in his pocket! Way to go Tom!

Thanks again everyone for coming out, hope to see you again next week!

Jay Pearce
Cape Fear SORBA

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